Mage: Episode 1 (Part 2)

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As a few of our players couldn't make it for the initial session, I had a catch up session with them during the week to put them on the same page with the main group. These are a little more detailed that the others as these were one-on-one sessions focused on that particular character.

Episode 1: Beginnings (Part 2)

Game Session 1 (Continued)

Anita Wolf

After Spellfyre wrapped up their latest song of the evening down in the nightclub section of the Liberty, Anita Wolfe and the other members of her band, David and Phil, went out back to have a quick smoke break. While out there they were accosted by a pair of thugs, and things soon escalated when one grabbed Anita’s hair, and they both pulled guns. David, infuriated as to how the man was treating Anita, charged furiously at the armed gunman. Unfortunately this only lead to both Phil and David being shot and killed.

Anita screamed, and a split second later found herself standing back on stage, David once again asking her if she would like to join them for a smoke break. She tried to convince the pair that there were armed thugs out back, but only managed to delay them while she asked security to check the alley for her.

Heading up to the front entrance to the Liberty bar, Anita spoke to Jett who was working the door at the time. After a little persuading, she manage to get him to call for someone to check out the back, only to have two men cut through the line leading into the club and knock out Jett.

Once again Anita found herself standing on stage, but this time things were off. The audience, along with the chairs and tables they sat at, idly drifted about the room, while David and Phil stood on the wall of the stage, looking down and across at Anita, asking her once again if she wanted to join them out back.

At this point the young singer was too tired to care about what was happening, leaving the others to head out the back as she went to bar to get a drink. The bartender, Dan, offered her a drink from where he stood on the ceiling, reaching up and taking a bottle from the bottom shelf, placing a glass in front of Anita, and pouring up into the glass.

Dan started to get rather cryptic at that point, not to mention that anything anyone said seemed to be completely out of order. Anita drank her drink as she saw images of each of the other awakening mages flicker through her mind as the gunfight in the bar played out in slow motion around her.

Slowly the building around her crumbled away around her until she was sitting at bar in the depths of stars, with only a pen and bill holder in front of her as stars twinkled all around her. Inside the bill holder there was a note reading ‘Who Are You?’. She looked around, wondering what was going on, and saw something that looked like a watchtower far off in the distance. Unsure what to do next, Anita signed her name on the note.

The next moment she found herself inside the bar, although this time it was sometime after the events of the hold up, with the police outside alongside fire and ambulance units. Anita found David and Phil, who were glad to see she was OK, only to find out that there had apparently been a gas leak. Some people had seen hallucinations, while others such as themselves had lost chunks of time.

Anita was sceptical of the entire thing, as she knew what she had seen was real, not to mention the understanding of reality that now danced in the forefront of her mind – she had awakened.

Aidan Greyson and William Ashfield

Aidan Greyson arrived at the Liberty and was quickly escorted upstairs to the VIP nightclub section to meet with William Ashfield, and old friend of him that required some assistance looking into his family’s history. William informed Aidan that his curiosity into his eccentric grandfather’s affairs was prompted by the discovery of a strange occult tome that he had discovered whilst in the cellar of Ashfield Estate. After a little more discussion on the matter the pair suddenly heard gunshots ring out.

Aidan, William, and his bodyguard moved to the back entrance of the VIP section, intending to sneak out the back and avoid the gunman entirely.However, as the pair stepped through the concealed door they both found themselves no longer in the nightclub.
“…Aidan found himself in a strange cavernous room full of gears crackling with electricity, filled with mirrors that seemed to contain different versions of himself looking out at him, judging his every movement. As he approached the centre of the room it shifted and changed, turning into a long corridor that lead to a pedestal of the purest gold, with four mighty statues of himself gazing at the simple, hand-shaped indentation. Aidan found his hand fits perfectly, although he did have time to consider this before his body was engulfed in crackling electricity, pulsing and burning through his body like liquid fire, his nerves screaming in agony as his mind was a washed with knowledge, knowledge of the Truth of the universe, beyond the Lie that makes up reality as he used to know it. He had awakened...”
“..William walked through a field of vast stone, scattered with the remains of ancient civilisations long since lost to time. Ephemeral shades flittered between the ruins, watching with cold, empty eyes as the Englishman walked down the cold, ruined cobblestone path. Eventually he found himself before a massive stone tower, crafted of many different styles and covered in ancient scripts. Within its hallowed halls he wrote his name in a vast book, its pages strangely blank, yearning to be filled...”
As the souls of Aidan and William returned, they found themselves stumbling out into the alley behind the nightclub, only to be accosted by a pair of men with firearms. Their minds charged with arcane knowledge, Aidan blasted the men with crackling electricity as William reshaped the concrete alleyway to burst out of the ground as a large shaft of stone and slam into them, taking them out.

As the pair came to grasps with their new power a man with glowing white eyes and wearing a plain black suit stepped out from the back of the nightclub and looked around in an almost mechanical fashion before walking over to the unconscious forms of the two thugs. He pressed his hands onto both their chests, causing them to briefly flicker, like an old black and white film, and then suddenly vanish. He turned and looked at the pair of mages, tilting his head inquisitively and stared for a brief moment before turning and walking back inside.

At that point Aidan and William noticed that the police had now arrived out the front and decided to head out the front and see if they could learn more of what had happened.