Mage: Episode 1 (Part 1)

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Today we rebooted our long running Mage the Awakening campaign that started some six years ago, this time using Fate Core as the base rule set. The players are using old characters from the previous campaign(s), the only difference being is that someone or something went back and altered events so that they never awakened, and for the past six years have been living normal mortal lives.

Episode 1: Beginnings (Part 1)

Game Session 1
The evening at the Liberty bar and nightclub started reasonably quiet. Michael Hendricks and Joseph Tseng sat at the bar, alone and oblivious of each other’s presence. Michael Williams spoke to his colleague, Stephen Allen, about the day’s events, and Hawk Anderson enjoyed the show on stage down in the nightclub part of the establishment.

Things changed, however, when the doors to the Liberty burst open and four armed men entered, brandishing their weapons and shouting at everyone to get down on the ground. Tseng and Hendricks didn’t quite agree with the men, and a fight soon broke out with shots fired.

The events that soon followed saw Hendricks, Tseng, Williams and Anderson all awaken, quickly dispatching most of the remaining thugs.

“…Hendricks pushed through the thick hedge of thorns, eventually finding a watchtower of brambles, its silver thorns illuminated by the light of the shining ever-crescent moon…”
“…Williams fell through a sea of moaning, damned souls as they tore at his body, mind and soul, before finding himself before a tower of rusting iron, the faces of the damned moulded into its walls…”
“…Hawk walked up the worn stone staircase deep in the primeval forest, emerging onto a rocky outcropping on which stood a massive tower of black basalt, ringed with a dense covering of thorns…”
“…Joseph awoke to find himself in a maze of twisting strands of Fate, which he explored until he found himself standing at the heart of the realm, where a great watchtower of shimmering silver bathed in blue light was formed out of the joining of thousands of stands…”

When it was almost all over, there was an audibly painful, sickening ripping sound, like the world was being torn apart, accompanied by a sudden flash of bright light. No one else however seemed to pay the event any attention.

Shortly thereafter, two men with glowing white eyes entered and moved towards the nearest robber and making him scream as he flickered briefly, like an old black and white film, and then suddenly vanished. They then moved about the building methodically, slowly removing all traces of the armed assailants whilst ignoring everyone else. Despite the obvious indicators, there seems to be something so unnatural about these men that  caused the newly awakened mages to be repulsed by their very presence.

When they had finished the two men moved to the centre of the bar area and communicated with each other without making a word before, with another sickening rip, they vanish in a sudden flash of light, leaving Hendricks, Williams, Joseph and Hawk dazed. The other patrons of the bar, seemingly oblivious of the men’s' disappearance, immediately returned to what they were doing before the armed men ever burst into the Liberty. Furthermore, when Hendricks looked at the IDs he had taken off two of the men he had searched earlier, he found them to now be completely blank, erased as if the men never existed at all.

Soon afterwards the police arrived in response to several calls of an armed robbery and shots fired. The patrons of the bar would later be told by authorities that there was a brief gas leak that lead to some short term blackouts and some hallucinations by many of the patrons, who couldn't recall where a good ten minutes or so of time had gone.

Everyone, save those that had awakened, believed that this was a perfectly reasonable explanation to the whole thing, with not one question about what happened entering their minds. Fortunately, those that had witnessed the truth did not find it difficult with their new abilities and general observations to spot others like them amongst the crowd now gathered outside the club by the authorities.