Mage: Interlude 2

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This session we took a page from Dungeon World and tried starting in medias res, throwing together the session with a few quick questions as we were between major storylines and didn't have anything planned.

Interlude 2: Madness in the Streets

Game Session 12
It began with Shiryo, Jess and Malphas bursting into one of the several board rooms that made up the floor of the office building, with what could loosely be described as a ‘zombie’ right on their tails. As the creature slammed its arms on the door with unnatural strength, the trio of mages discussed their plan whilst simultaneously grilling Malphas as to why he was being attacked by a zombie of all things. Professing innocence, Malphas explained that he had simply been working late when the half-decayed man burst into his office and started attacking him, although he did seem vaguely familiar.

At that moment the creature burst through the door, spurring Shiryo to call forth a phantasmal two-handed sword with Prime magic as Jess accelerated his  movement with Time. Only when Jess confirmed that the creature was indeed simply a corpse possessed by a spirit did Shiryo cut it down with terrifying speed and power.

Moving downstairs to street level, the mages found the entire block in an uproar. A literal riot was taking place as spirits of wrath, violence, and similar concepts in twilight were urging nearby humans into a frenzy of madness.

Jess, noticing her father assisting with the nearby police blockade, rushed over to see him, only to be intercepted by a thuggish man with a baseball bat. Like many others nearby, the armed man too had a spirit urging him as he grabbed onto Jess and started dragging her into the alley. Jess screamed.

Hearing her screams, Shiryo left Malphas to deal with a woman charging at him, high heels grasped in either hand as makeshift weapons. Shiryo rushed to Jess’ side, slamming the man to the ground with a quick elbow to the head. His anger at the man’s actions built up with every moment as he continued to beat on the now helpless man, spurned on by actions of a nearby spirit of wrath.

Meanwhile, Malphas quickly gained control of the frenzied woman’s mind, despite some initial resistance, leaving her to stand dumbstruck as he strutted towards his fellow magi, his pride stoked by another spirit.

He arrives in the alley to find Shiryo still furiously beating on the man that had attacked Jess, whose pained begging and whimpering had long since ended. Jess stood nearby, trying to convince Shiryo to stop as she resisted the urgings forced upon her by another spirit to fall upon her saviour in a sexual embrace. It was only after Malphas forcefully made Shiryo see reason did he relent in his anger, shocked at how easily he had simply let go.

At that moment Detective Wolf, Jess’ father, rounded the corner to find her daughter and two men standing over a badly beaten man. Taking in the scene slowly, he made the decision to send them on their way, too distracted from current events to deal with prosecuting his own daughter as well.