Mage: Interlude 1

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It’s been quite some time since my last update, most due to life catching up to me, amongst other things.  The plus side is that you get several sessions worth of material to read in a few short days! First up we have the group’s first encounter with other mages, and of course the associated politics!

Interlude 1: The Council

Game Session 9
This week’s session began with Tanuwa receiving a call from Fjolnir (Finn) informing him that another mage going by the name of Isis had been asking around for him and his friends. Apparently their recently exploits with the spider spirits had fathered some attention from out of town.

Agreeing to meet with her, Tanuwa called the group together at the Liberty where Isis waited for them, albeit rather impatiently. Addressing them with disinterested, business-like efficiency, the unfamiliar mage informed them that the Council of Magi wished to meet them. After a brief discussion the group agreed to follow her.

She led them into the Liberty’s back room and politely asked Finn if they could make use of his Way. Finn shrugged, insisting there was no need for formalities before Isis opened a nearby door to revealed a thick, snow-laden forest. Ignoring the group’s surprise Isis led them onwards through the forest, opening another portal at the base of a large cliff face with an ornate dagger. This brought them into what appeared to be a volcano, which in turn led to the busy back streets of Tokyo City, Japan. A limo awaited them as they arrived on the main street, swiftly taking them to a high-rise office building in the centre of the CBD.

On one of the upper floors of the building Isis showed them to a large boardroom, set up with chairs on either side in preparation for a meeting. As the group took their seats five individuals walked in, each one representing one of the five paths that make up the Council.

The Council, as they called themselves, explained that they acted as an advisory and oversight council for mages operating in the region, ensuring that mages were supported in their actions when they required it, or stopped should their actions endanger the safety of others. They had recently heard of the group’s exploits in Sydney and sent Isis to gather some information before they had invited the group here.

Of their questions, the most pressing was what the group’s awakenings had been like, and if they knew any reason as to why they had all awakened at the same time. As the group did not truly understand what had happened themselves, they could not offer any concrete answers.

Dropping that line of inquiry, the Council discussed the major factions that made up the organisation, speaking to each member of the group individually rather than as a whole. The organisations offered the mages mentorship and resources should they join them. Seeing an opportunity, Malphas, Oghma and Shiryo put forward their interests in taking up the Path of the Watcher, Lorekeeper, and Guardian respectively. Tanuwa and Jessica politely declined, stating they did not wish to join the Council at this time.

With the meeting over, Isis led the group back to Sydney, albeit taking a different route to the initial journey.  Instead of coming back at the Liberty, the mysterious mage had lead them back to another office building, which it soon became apparent were the Headquarters of Slate Industries, a global military contracting firm. Isis brought the group to Donovan Slate’s office, where he greeted them warmly and offered drinks. During the brief discussion he had with them, he offered to assist them at any time should they run into any problems, either mundane or magical in nature.