Mage: Episode 2 (Part 4)

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Bit of a quiet session today with only two players turning up (due to a variety of reasons). Nonetheless, the show must go on!

Episode 2: Along Came A Spider (Part 4)

Game Session 7
Today’s session began shortly after the events of the previous session, only Tanuwa and Shiryo had departed from the Liberty for the evening to get some rest, given that it was now around 12:30am. Malphas, Jessica and Oghma had remained back a little longer for their own individual reasons.

While quietly sitting in the VIP lounge with Oghma, Jess received a call from Samantha, her sister – her father had been attacked while working on a case and had been admitted to the local hospital. He was now in the ICU, but in a stable condition. Thinking nothing else of it Jess immediately prepared to leave and, after Oghma asked what the problem was, he joined her.

Meanwhile as Malphas prepared to leave the Liberty and head home he was approached by a young man that introduced himself as Evan Wentworth. He asked if Malphas’ name was Michael Williams, and if he owned the twitter account MWilliams. When Malphas confirmed this Evan said that he was looking for a book that was stolen from his father’s collection several years ago, and he had recently discovered that Malphas had posted a picture of said book on his twitter feed.

Suspicious, Malphas probed his mind using Mind magic and found that the man was being truthful, as far as he knew. Deciding he didn’t really have time for this Malphas once again used his magic, this time making the man turn around and go home. The man started to do so, but then stopped and turned, asking Malphas where the book was now. Malphas felt compelled to say it was at Oghma’s residence. When asked what his real name was Malphas was able to resist, instead telling the man Oghma’s name was instead Mark Smith. Smiling the man thanked Malphas for his cooperation and then turned to leave, just as the words of those around the mage turned from normal speech into a completely incomprehensible mess.

Frustrated, especially since he had sensed nothing supernatural 1, even when the man had somehow made him say the truth, Malphas called Oghma, who had just arrived at the hospital with Jess, to inform him of what had transpired. At first Oghma couldn’t understand a word of what Malphas was saying, and vice versa, until about halfway through the call, at which point Malphas went over everything again. The younger mage suggested that Malphas meet them at the hospital to discuss what had happened in more detail.

Jess and Oghma then went upstairs to the ICU ward where Samantha was waiting for them, although she was a little confused as to why Oghma was there. More concerned with her father’s health, Jess went to his bedside and held his hand, at which point he opened his eyes and looked over at her. He looked gaunt, almost ghostly, with his face extremely pale, and with all manner of machines hooked up to him monitoring his vitals. Glad to see his kids he explained that he’d found out where Sally was by tracking her cell phone and then gone to see her by himself. She ambushed him and injected something into him during the ensuing scuffle – spider venom apparently – and that she was a lot stronger than her small build would have indicated. Next thing he remembered he woke up in the hospital. He urged Jess to leave it to the police, and Jess said she’d stay safe, although her sister wasn’t so placid, wanting Sally to pay for what she’d done to their father. At the same time Jess used a little Time and Space magic to work out where her father was when he was attacked – an old warehouse in Lane Cove West.

Meanwhile, Oghma had gone downstairs to meet Malphas as he arrived, informing him of what they knew regarding Jess’ father, and Malphas informing Oghma about the chat he had with ‘Evan’. Oghma was a little concerned by this, and wanted to know how he even found out that they had the book in the first place to which Malphas responded that Evan had probably just found some tracks leading to the group, although Oghma wasn’t entirely convinced. Once they had made their way back to the ICU ward they spoke to Jess and made plans to meet the following night and put an end to this business with Sally.


1. Angels, and in extension their Demon cousins, are created as 'natural' entities of the Fallen World and do not require interaction with the Spirit Wilds in order to use their abilities. Because of this mages do not detect anything unusual with their supernatural senses which are tuned to effects of otherworldly origin.